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Joseph brings such a wide range of interesting stories and perspectives. I love the way he leads the conversations: attentive, insightful, and philosophical.

- Tam N Montreal🇨🇦

The content is very honest, interesting, informative and practical. Joseph has an amazing tone and delivery skills that keep you interested and engaged. I fully recommend Joseph’s work and teachings as a good frame work for anyone contemplating change.

- Syd H United Kingdom🇬🇧

Career Relaunch gives you that extra courage and self confidence to know that if you do want to take the next step of your career but still stuck in the present and fear change.

- Hidemi T Japan🇯🇵

This podcast starts conversations that we need to have. Easy to listen to. Not too long. Joseph Liu intelligently guides the guests to give us enough to start thinking and asking our own questions.

- Julian M Australia🇦🇺

Joseph and his fascinating guests provide some of the most amazing career shift stories out there, but it’s so much more than that! They also provide the inspiration and insight needed to grow in your career and as a human being.

- Katie Joy United States🇺🇸

Career Relaunch is such an inspiration! If you are interested in switching careers, you NEED to subscribe. Listening to the stories shared by guest speakers gives me the motivation to keep on trying to live my dream.

- Carolyn DeLavalle United States🇺🇸

Listening to this podcast has provided me with the tools to actively working on my career transition. Joseph and his guests are a great inspiration to my ongoing journey.

- Pablo Notts United Kingdom🇬🇧

Whether you are actively looking for a new direction, thinking about making a change, or simply want to more proactively manage your career trajectory, all of the episodes offer intriguing ideas and practical advice.

- Lejo Li Canada🇨🇦

I really enjoy Joseph's style of digging into the specific examples and actions the guest speakers have taken during their career transition. This is a great podcast to learn from, and I love hearing other people's experiences.

- N Sullivan New Zealand🇳🇿


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